Independent journalist accused of contrubution for Belsat TV

According to, Horadnia region Prosecutor’s office has oficially warned Ales Dzianisau against journalizing in Belarus without MFA’s accreditation.

Valer Paviadayka, deputy head of Horadnia region Prosecutor’s office stated that Belsat TV had demonstrated the news story filmed by Ales Dzianisau in the town of Svislach (Horadnia region) on the event marking the anniversary of the 1863 anti-Russian uprising. «As there is no evidence that it is the footage of mine that Belsat TV used, the warning has no legal basis,» Mr. Dzianisau told the deputy head.

It is not for the first time that the Prosecutor’s office has warned Ales Dzianisau. In 2009 he received an official document of like tenor after he had been detained while shooting a story at Nieman glass manufacturing plant. Should the independent journalist get another warning within a year, he will be liable to a fine.


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