Lukashenka’s hand of friendship

Alexander Lukashenka urges Europe to build equitable international relations but warns that there might be a hard-line response to toughening sanctions against the Republic of Belarus.

«You should understand that it is just now when we are tolerating the sanctions you are dangling before our face. But as soon as you have stepped over the red line it will be a very stern response from our side,» Alexander Lukashenka stated at his meeting with foreign ambassadors after taking credentials.

«If someone in Europe thinks it is still possible to make us bow by means of sanctions, rebukes or demands, this is a road to nowhere,» Interfax news agency quotes Lukashenka. «Even if we stay alone, without Russia, China and our friends you should be confident that we will stand till death defending our independence and sovereignty as was the case in the period of 1941-45,» Lukashenka pointed out, «We just want to be as you are – freedom-loving, independent and responsible to people.»

He noted that Belarus does not create any problems either to its neighbours or to far countries: «I do not understand what claims can be advanced to us.»

«We realize that some people may not like the way we are acting here. We probably dislike something as well but we maintain our position without any word of reproof», Lukashenka said. He told European diplomats that Belarus is not less democratic than their countries and stressed: «I am not going to deviate from my route as long as I am elected president.»

Finally, Alexander Lukashenka mentioned that cooperation with Russia, China, India and the countries of Central Asia is more than enough for Belarus. «This is the centre of Europe here. Who are you struggling against? Against your “heart”?», the Belarusian leader asked. «Let’s be friends,» he offered.


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