Yaraslau Hryshchenya: «Some persons unknown attacked us»

The activists of European Belarus civil campaign told Belsat TV about the attack and search of their flat.

On February, 15, 2012 at about 8 p.m plain clothes policemen stepped out of a black Chrysler, stroke Yaraslau Hryshchenya and Dzmitry Kalach down to the ground and started beating them. Hanna Salavyova was set to the wall. The men unknown did not give any explanations to their actions.

Then they pulled a key out of Hryshchenya’s pocket and broke in the flat of European Belarus. The people inside were also set to the wall and beaten.

Under the pretence of drug search the policemen started house-checking. «They had neither search record nor warrant,» Yaraslau Hryshchenya says. Information leaflets and banners in support of ex-presidential candidate Andrey Sannikau, leader of European Belarus civil campaign, were confiscated. An older woman living next door was invited for participation as a witness only after the search had been already performed. It should be noted that under applicable laws of Belarus, two persons must witness such a procedure.

Then nine activists of European Belarus were taken to district internal affairs departments where each was questioned and released without drawing up protocol.



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