New building for Belarusian children’s hospice

According to director Hanna Harchakova, now it is located on the first floor and there is no lift in the building. Ill children stay indoors because of having difficulty going down a winding stair. «Despite our organization aims at palliative care rendering at a patient’s place sometimes hospice stay is absolutely necessary. For example, when a child suffering great pain lives in an isolated village which is hard to get to in winter,» Hanna Harchakova explains.

The new building will admit 8 beds (there are 5 of them at the moment). A plot of land located not far from the city of Minsk has already been alloted for the hospice construction. Mrs. Harchakova points out that its architectural design is being developed on the best European patterns.

It is planned to be constructed at the expense of voluntary donations but then the hospice building will be transferred to the state. Civil society organizations are also appealed to for contributions.

The approximate construction cost reaches $5 mln. In March, 2012 a charity project is starting. «There are 4 mln employees in Belarus; if each buys a brick this new hospice will surely have been built,» the director hopes.

«We are seeking new ideas and waiting for ideas men. Having found sponsors we can afford to pay our architect’s visit to England. He definitely must see what hospice is. Being principally children-oriented it should be constructed with the observance of basic sanitary standards. It is crucial that the first Belarusian children’s hospice should give good example,» Hanna Harchakova points out.


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