700 coronavirus cases in Belarus. Death toll slowly rising

The number of the infected with COVID-19 has totalled to 700 in Belarus, the Ministry of Health reports.

At the moment, 634 patients, including the so-called first-contact persons, are being treated in hospitals.

“In most cases, the illness occurs in its mild or moderate form. After the treatment, 53 patients have recovered <…> 13 deaths have been recorded; these persons’ chronic diseases were complicated by the coronavirus infection,” the statement reads.

For the fourth day in a row, the ministry has updated the disease rate information. On April 3, 351 COVID-19 cases were confirmed, on April 4 – 440, April 5 – 562.

Majority of Belarusians will get infected, Belarusian medics claim in video message
2020.04.04 14:53