Belarusian citizenship for ex-president of Kyrgyzstan

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has still not given any comments on granting citizenship to former Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Aliaksei Biahun, Head of Citizenship and Migration Department, states. According to the official, such information is considered as private and for this reason it should not be publicly disclosed without its holder’s permission.

Being invited by Alexander Lukashenka Kurmanbek Bakiev arrived in Belarus on April, 19, 2010. In May, 2010 Rosa Otunbayeva, Chairlady of the Kyrgyz Interim Government, signed a decree on Bakiyev’s withdrawal of presidential immunity on the basis of a criminal case. He is accused of abuse of power, complicity in murder and attempted murder. The General Prosecutor Office of Kyrgyzstan applied with a request for Bakiyev’s extradition twice but in vain.

A number of web sites have reported lately that Kurmanbek Bakiyev got a Belarusian passport and purchased a house in Minsk. Previously he was thought to be staying in the residency of the Belarusian government in the Biarezinsky reserve.

On October, 17, 2011 while answering deputies’ questions Keneshbek Duishebayev, Head of the Kyrgyz National Security Committee, told MPs that Bakiyev was granted political asylum in Belarus.


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