Belarus to join tax free system

The VAT refund system will have been introduced by the 2014 International Ice Hockey Championship, which is to take place in Minsk.

According to Andrey Martynau, Deputy head of Tourism Department, the plan for introducing the new system has been already developed.

The tax refund procedure is expected to have the following steps: a sales check and a special tax free form filled in by a seller should be handed over to a foreign buyer. After customs authority confirms of goods export a state-appointed company will refund VAT paid by a buyer minus service charge. Money will be reimbursed to foreigners at special stations at airports and border crossings by transferring a corresponding sum to a credit card or providing a customer with a bank check.

Deputy Minister of Trade Iryna Narkevich believes that the tax free system will improve the country’s image, boost an inflow of foreign exchange and increase a number of tourists who are willing to buy ceramics, cut glass, linen fabrics and knitwear.


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