Lyubou Lunyova: «The Ministry of Internal Affairs is subject to purging ranks»

Senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) are stepping down one by one. Aleh Piakarski and Leanid Farmahei managed to resign voluntarily, Yauhen Poludzen was even charged to criminal responsibility. «Some purge of ranks has started. Before we only guessed whether Poludzen’s arrest and the resignation of other security officials might signal any change, now we are absolutely sure of it,» journalist and analyst Lyubou Lunyova says.

«Alexander Lukashenka’s eldest son Viktar is believed to take responsibility for the purge of ranks. He intends to create one more force structure submitted to his department,» the analyst adds. It is the KGB officials who have taken new positions in the MIA. KGB is supposed to be totally controlled by Viktar Lukashenka. Moreover, the State Border Committee is kept under his control as well.

«Will such purges and personnel replacements improve crime-fighting effectiveness? I do not think so. In current conditions any security official’s training level bears no significance. All that counts is the degree of loyalty to the definite structure,» Lyubou Lunyova points out.


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