Belarusian Red Cross society advocates passing law on voluteering

The Belarusian Red Cross society numbers more than 17,000 members of different age. The largest volunteer organisation considers such legislation absolutely necessary in current working conditions.

«We meet up with a great deal of problems. For example, meal and travel reimbursement for our part-time employees (i.e. volunteers) is not provided by law. Moreover, volunteers’ insurance and tuition reimbursement should also be covered,» Iryna Lemyashevskaya, Red Cross Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, says.

The volunteer legislation would make the situation easier in many regards, but the desire to help people and nature can not be limited even under these circumstances, representatives of the League of the Youth Voluntary Service (LYVS) state.

«A majority of volunteers longing for participation in a number of projects are youngsters aged from 18 to 27. They do possess vital power to study alongside volunteering. If our members have to miss their classes in order to take part in an action we provide them with letters of explanation. As a rule, higher educational institutions bear with it and young people do not face any problems with studies,» Ininternational Project Coordinator Alena Yaskevich points out.


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