Number of Belsat TV regular viewers reaches half million

Popularity of Belsat TV

Nearly half a million Belarusian adults watch programs of Belsat TV regularly. Other 500,000 watch our programs a few times monthly or watched ocassionally before. 44% of interviewees are aware of our activity. 47% of respondents trust programs of state-owned TV channels in a varying degree whereas 43% do not or more likely not. Such result was obtained by the survey carried out by JSC «Zerkalo-Info» Center for Marketing and Sociological Investigations in the period of December, 9-20, 2011.

In total, the audience of Belsat TV numbers more than a million people. The survey also presents the amount of our prospective viewers (12%): 3% of interviewees are about to start watching Belsat TV and 9% of respondents are looking for an opportunity of joining the audience .

There are more males (61%) and people in the 25 to 49 age bracket possessing a certificate of secondary education or a university degree (in total 95%) among our viewers. Most of them belong to such professional groups as businessmen, officials and engineering employees.

Awareness of Belsat TV

Belarusian TV viewers use terrestrial, cable, satellite and Internet television, a lot of TV channels being at their disposal. For this reason 56% of respondents answered the question «Are you aware of the existence of the Belsat TV channel?» in the negative whereas 44% of viewers admitted being informed of the activity of the first Belarusian independent satellite television.

State-owned television credibility

The respondents were divided into two groups by the question «To what extent do you trust state-owned television programs?» The simple majority (47%) answered in the affirmative, 43% mistrust or more likely mistrust. 10% of interviewees decided on the option «It is difficult to answer».

Among the people trusting state-owned TV females and the people aged 50 and older prevail. And vice versa, mistrusting respondents are predominantly males and the people under 50.

Television and Internet accessibility

The survey shows that nearly all Belarusian adults (96%) are television viewers, more than half of them (58%) being Internet users. The total number of Internet users has grown in comparing to that of the 2010 survey (55%) but the rate of increase is low.

29% of interviewees surf Internet practically every day. In December, 2010 this figure was equal to 24%. Yet at the same time 38% of Belarusians do not have any Internet access point. It has remained unchanged since December, 2010.

*The opinion survey was being carried out in the period of December, 9-20, 2011. Belarusian citizens aged 18 and older were being interviewed; 1502 respondents taking part in a quota sample. A respondent’s monitored parameters are the following: place of residence, dimensions of a place of residence; sex; age; education. Statistical uncertainty does not reach beyond 1,2%.


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