61% of Crimeans want to return to Ukraine – pro-Russian news site

61% of residents of the peninsula are in favour of broadening powers of Crimea as part of Ukraine. Only 19% o respondents want it to remain Russia’s. 

The online poll was organised by pro-Kremlin e-medium ‘Krymskaya Pravda’; its turnout being about 5,000 persons.

The editorial board said the website was attacked by hackers, called the voting results ‘a provocative act’ and deleted it.

Vladimir Putin has recently explained why Russia annexed the peninsula giving an interview for the film “Crimea. The Road to Motherland”.

“I told  all my colleagues – there were four of them –  that we had to start working on the return of Crimea to Russia as the situation in Ukraine was evolving in such a way. Because we cannot leave this area and throw its residents to the [Ukrainian] nationalists”, the Russian leader said.


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