Police beat up human rights activist

Police in Minsk stopped on Saturday night Yuri Chyhulejchyk, an activist from Platform, an organization that helps political prisoners. According to a representative of the organization, the activist has been subjected to repressions, because, despite police pressure he had not ceased his political activism. Chyhulejchyk was accused of drug trafficking.

“Yuri has been threatened several times that if he does not stop helping political prisoners, or else he will join them. A few days ago, [police] suggested to him that they have a permission to detain him and beat up”- head of the organization Andrej Bandarenka told Belsat. According to him, the detainee is very serious condition. “The whole face is covered with haematomas, one hand – almost powerless, it seems that he was handcuffed when they beaten him, even when after he fell on the floor” – he added. Platform representatives contacted district police station, where he is currently held. The police there said Czyhilejchyk was brought from the temporary detention with traces of beating. On his clothes returned to the family, there was no evidence of beating, which means that it had to take place after the arrest. “A version that Yuri did not obey the police was suggested, but even in this case there should be a limit to police brutality” – added Bandarenka.

Commenting on the accusation of drug trafficking, Bandarenka confirmed that the arrested had a difficult past, but does not believe the allegations, “He once said that thanks to Platform he started to live a normal life,” – stressed the head of organization. Chyhilejchyk, had organized several conferences on cases of torture in Belarusian jails. “It is thanks to Yuri that we helped many political prisoners. He also once sat in prison and still has the authority among the prisoners. “- said Bandarenka. The organization intends to help their detained colleague, so far they have sent a complaint to the prosecution and detention center.



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