Defendants in Minsk metro explosion sentenced to death (video)

Two defendants accused of conducting bomb attacks in Minsk metro station on April 11th were found guilty of the terrorism charges and sentenced to death. The bombing left 15 people dead and scores injured.

Both men Zmitser Kanavawav and Uladzislav Kovaliov were charged with terrorism. The trial and the sentence pronouncement were held behind the closed doors. However, Belsat TV obtained a video recording of the final part of the trial made cell phone. The judge’s decision had 114 pages and it took four hours to read it.

Family members of the defendants appealed for acquittal, because their self-incriminating testimonies were obtained through threats and tortures. As many commentators noted, the trial did not meet democratic standards. It was announced by the authorities immediately after the arrest of Mr. Kanavawav and Mr. Kovaliov that both defendants were guilty.


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