Russian journalist in Belarusian TV: Belarusians are likke hobbits.

A Russian journalist Sergey Dorienko, who appeared in a TV program “Map of the World” broadcasted by the Belarusian state TV chanel RTR, presented during the interview a controversial thesis that Russia de facto bordered with Germany, and Poland was only a “strait” between the two countries. He also called Belarus “a shithole of Europe” and its inhabitants hobbits. Dorienko has been known from running black PR campaigns against Kremlin’s political rivals.

Dorienko tried to convey a vision of Russia’s geopolitical relations with its neighbors. According to him, Russia sees Belarus only as “additional 650-700 km to the border with NATO.” – On the other hand, the Belarusians have to understand that from our point of view, Russia borders directly with Germany. These two huge Heartlands: Russian and German share borders through the “strait land” – as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus can be only referred to as such straits”- he said. In his opinion, Russia in the region can only hold a dialogue with the Germans – and Belarus is not an equal partner. The journalist also said that the Orange Revolution in Ukraine was actually gameplay between Russia and the USA.

Dorienko, calling himself a “man of the empire in a positive sense of the word” also noted that the Russian imperial ideology has changed since the Soviet Union. The present Russian elite in his opinion is “mercantile and pragmatic yet aggressive”, and Belarus being the “Atlantis of the USSR” can not understand it. Russian journalist warned that in an accident in which Russia will not be No. 1 in the former USSR, we can expect a war.

Next, he ensured about affection that Russians have for their eastern neighbor. “Russia may consider Belarus as a separate entity, only if the entity will need us. And if we are needed, we are ready to give our last shirt, tighten the belt, switch to a dry porridge, just to help. But only if you ask and thank us – Russians are like that “- he added.

When asked whether Belarus should seek the assistance of stronger players such as Germany or China, Dorienko replied that there is no chance for German aid because for them Belarus is a “shithole of Europe”, and the China, instead of helping Belarus and is busy with buying out Europe. The only people “sincerely loving Belarus and Belarusians” are the Russians.

Dorienko stressed that for him, Belarus is “magic”, and its inhabitants are pure good: “Here the girls run with a bucket into the forest to gather cranberries to you.” Belarusians unlike Russians do not posses “animal determination”, rather they are like hobbits – individualists who still under their bed stockpile jars with preserves, just in case.

The journalist commenting on the Belarusian president, said that Lukashenko guarantees the “village order,” and although not everyone likes it, he does not persecutes Belarusians, as was the habbit of democratic leaders in the early 90s. Dorienko also noted that Belarus, unlike Russia, is more likely to have democracy in the European sense, because it is a “shithole of Europe”, while Moscow is a “great capital of Asia”.

Yuri Koziatkao who conducted the interview, is also the general director of the state television STV. He did not respond to the controversial statements of his guest. Koziatko only responded that Belarus is not a shithole but the geographical center of Europe.

Sergey Doreinko earned the nickname “telekiller” after acting in the interests of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, he brutally fought their political competitors, revealing incriminating materials. He targeted inter alia then-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov.


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