BPF against Eurasian Union

The right-wing opposition party Belarusian Popular Front announced on Saturday that they were launching a campaign against Belarusian integration with Russian and Kazakhstan through Eurasian Union.

On November 18th, the three presidents signed a declaration which details future steps to create the Union. “Further deepening of the integration processes, predicted in documents signed on November 18th, pose a threat of full destruction of independence of our country and dissolution of Belarus in the future Eurasian Union.” – stated BPF. The party also warned against integration with Russia and Kazakhstan through the Common Economic Space, which in their opinion can lead to “further deterioration of the economic and social situation, death of the country’s domestic businesses and de-industrialization” of Belarus.

According to BPF, Belarus participation in Eurasian integration will hamper efforts to be part of the European projects, such as Eastern Partnership.

President of Russia Dimitrij Miedvidiev, president of Belarus Aleksander Lukashenka and president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbajev signed in Moscow „Declaration on eurasian economic integration” on Friday. The goal is to strengthen economic ties between former soviet republics. The integration will be coordinated by a special supranational commission.

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan created a customs union in 2009. The agreement on common economic space will be enforced since January 1st, 2012. And the final stage of integration – the Eurasian Union – will be operating, according to the Russian president, in 2015.



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