Teachers in Orsha to become debt collectors

Local authorities in city of Orsha in Vitebsk area requested that teachers will start convincing parents of their students to pay their communal services fees on time. Teachers are supposed to take on this new responsibility without any additional benefits.

Communal Services Council of Orsha sent to the education department a list of debtors, and headmasters of schools instructed the teachers to visit houses of those on the list.

„They handed out addresses of our pupils. Now we have to go to their parents and find out why they don’t pay for the communal services or rent and ask them to pay their debts. We also have to inform them what are the legal consequences.” – one of the Orsha teachers told Belsat.

She also stressed that she is not receiving any additional salary for the extra work. – The headmaster explained it was part of our “social responsibility” to fulfil some additional tasks.” – she said.

The teachers are also expected to observe and report on the living standard of the families they visit. It might turn out that the reason behind such debt is lack of resources to make ends meet.

A former teacher and a journalist Anton Klimovich stressed that teachers in Belarus have been always burdened with additional work. “Other then visiting families in debt, teachers have to organize amateur concerts or participate in some social work, and those who dare to resist can expect to have their salary decreased or even lose their jobs” – he said.



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