Polish NGO worker deported from Belarus

Belarusian authorities deported Kinga Ksiazek, an employee of a Polish NGO Institutum Orientalium – reported Radio Svaboda. No reasons were given for the deportation. Belarusian border guards put her on the train in Brest and sent to Poland.

This is not the first time that Belarus has deported a Polish NGO worker. On November 11th Magdalena Kalinowska was also deported, officially due to problems with house registering. Ms. Kalinowska arrived to Belarus in August. The authorities claimed she was registered at a different address from where she actually has lived.

Leszek Szerepka, Polish ambassador in Minsk said that deportations constituted too severe measure, during a press conference today.

Foundation Institutum Orientalium executes a project ‘Belarusian entrepreneurship’ through Polish Aid Program.


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