New repressions against Sannikov

A former presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikov, who is now serving 5-year-sentence in Babruysk prison, was again transferred to another prison in Vitebsk district. The news was announced by Siarhey Pratsenka, head of the penitentiary department in the Belarusian Ministry of Interior. The official reason for the transfer was „a threat to his health and life”.

Iryna Khalip, an independent journalist and Sannikov’s wife, told Bielpan news agency that „it was preceisly the same person – Mr. Paratsenka – who last time announced that Sannikov will be transferred to a prison in Babruysk, where he would have better conditions”. Partsenka aslo refused to reveal to which prison Sannikov will be sent, and suggested it should be his lawyer’s job to find out.

Khalip was also concerned with her husband’s health. His condition deteriorated so much over the time served in prison, that the prison administration allowed him to lay in bed during the day, which is forbidden to all other prisoners. Paratsenka also refused to give any information to Ms. Khalip on her husband’s health situation.

There are five prisons in Vitebsk district. Just two months ago, Sannikov was moved from one of those prisons, in Novoplock and taken to Babruysk. The family found out about the transfer only after the lawyer attempted to meet with Sannikov in Babruysk, but the visit was cancelled, because the dissident was not there any more.

Michał Janczuk (TV Belsat)

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