Dissidents recruited by KGB reveal their stories in Poland

Belarusian dissidents reveal that KGB attempted to recruit people forcibly and than send them to Poland to spy on other opposition members – revealed coordinators of “Revolution through social networks” initiative (RTSN).

Three activists working on the RTSN, who were first recruited by KGB in Belarus, escaped to Poland and openly cut their cooperation with the secret services – announced Vyacheslaw Dyanow, one of the coordinators of the RTSN, during a press conference in Warsaw on Tuesday.

“KGB wanted them to collect information on me – where do I go, what do I eat, who do I meat, what do I do, but also concerning who from the Polish ministry of foreign affairs is in touch with us.” – said Dyanow.

Siarhey Pauliukevich, creator of the internet group “We are for Great Belarus”, said he was kidnapped from Minsk in early June. – For 15 days I was detained nearby Minsk. In the meantime, military secret services searched my parents house, and confiscated all electronic information storing equipment. – he recounted. – I was interrogated and tortured. They were suffocating me by putting a plastic bag on my head and beat me. They wanted me to give them a password of access to the group. I finally gave up the password, and they forced to sign an agreement to cooperate with them.

Pavlukievich explained that after being released, he was in hiding in the country side. On September 2nd, he released a youtube video in which he announced he cut all the ties with KGB. After that, he escaped through Russia to Poland.

Maksim Cherniavski, administrator of the website “We got enough of Lukashenka”, after being subjected to many repressions, sign an agreement to cooperate. – I was directed to Poland, and my main task was to gain Dyanow’s trust, install on his computer a spying program and than get him to go to Ukraine.” – he testified during the press conference. In exchange, he was offered help with obtaining Shengen visa. Cherniavski ended his cooperation with KGB as soon as he entered Poland and published in the Internet a photo of KGB recruiter and a recording of their conversation.

Vladimir Kumiets launched in 2009 “Future Movement”, an organization which stood behind RTSN. He has been a spokesperson for the initiative since January. He was recruited on September 22nd. – Everything was very well planned: fabricated criminal case, my brother’s detention. Everything so that I get scared. – he said. He added, he was forced to agree to be an agent in Poland in order to have his brother released and be able to continue with his own work,

Kumiets stressed that as soon as he got to Poland, he informed Dyanow about the situation and they made a joint decision to reveal the informations during a press conference. He has been sending false reports to KGB for last month, and just before the Tuesday conference he informed about ending the cooperation.

Revolution Through Social Networks is a social campaign, which aim was to call for protest through the Internet, using social networks such as Facebook, Vkontaktie, Twitter.

The participants of such protests gathered at the main city squares in their cities. In order not to give an excuse to the police to arrest them, they would only stroll and clap together, without chanting or bringing any banners. Yet, the police would still brutally arrest protesters and courts would fine them with administrative detention.



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