Lukashenka to relax anti-corruption law

Belarusian president submitted for debate in the parliament changes to statue “On fighting corruption”. If adopted, the civil servants will be allowed to employ their relatives as their subordinates.

The current law does not allow for “spouses or relatives” to be subordinates of their family members in civil service. The new law creates a need for a separate legal act that would regulate rules of employing relatives.

The statue “On fighting corruption” will lose its independent character and will become related to other legal documents, which can increase arbitrary character of executing those rules – think Alenak Tankachova, an human rights defender and a lawyer.

Anatol Labiedzka, leader of the opposition United Civic Party is also critical of the new law. He thinks that it will only sanction already existing nepotism. “Sons of Aleksander Lukashenka have been holding high official posts since a long time now and they are their father subordinates.” The older son of Lukashenka is presidential advisor on security issues, and the younger one is head of the presidential sports club and a member of National Olympics Committee. “What used to be a privilege of one family, will now become a common rule” – commented the dissident.


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