Lukashenka: the West is trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus

Aleksander Lukashenka, the Belarusian president, has accused the West of attempting to destabilize the situation in Belarus in order to expand western influence over the country. He paid special attention to a foreign “television channel”. Lukashenka expressed his concern with the Western expansion plans during a military training at Hrodna shooting range, on Friday.

“The goal of the West is obvious: they want to destabilize situation in Belarus, cut the country off from the active participation in the international socio-political processes, and finally – expand its sphere of influence over the country” – Lukashenka was quoted by a state news agency BielTA.

The Belarusian president thinks that foreign intervention on a political and propaganda level can be described as an “open information war”. Internet, radio stations, and “specially prepared TV channels, as well as newspapers and magazines, all of which cost a lot of money” – were noted by Lukashenka as weapons used in the war.

He also stressed that Belarus’ northern and western neighbors are “actively developing military infrastructure”. “Trainings and summits for high rank military personnel from the US State Department, ministers and politicians from the European countries” held on a regular basis contribute to a “fear factor” – commented Lukashenka. Those meetings, according to the Belarusian head of state, have very controversial topics, such as “how to make a revolution in Belarus, or how to change the constitutional system”.

Radio Svaboda reported that the president ordered heads of security departments in the government to prevent destabilization of the country. “The Minister of Interior is supposed to put an end to extremists activities. He should not be concerned with what they [the West] will think about us.” – stated Lukashenka. He also demanded that KGB is more active.

During a ceremony of appointing representatives of regional authorities with general rank, Lukashenka announced that Belarus is now creating a new army focused on territorial defense. It will count 120 thousand people.


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