Belsat movie to win the first prize at Camera Obscura Film Festival

A documentary produced by Belsat „Reality Show: Election“, directed by Mikolaj Wawrzeniuk, won the main prize at the national film festival Camera Obscura in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Jury appreciated the narrative of the documentary. „It is a unique composition of irony and tragedy. It is for offering hope for something new.“ – jury explained their choice.

About the movie:

Why did the opposition participate in a game with predictable result? Could taking part in election have changed the situation in Belarus? Why authorities reaction to peaceful protests was so brutal? The answers to those and many other questions are explained in „Reality Show: Elections“.

The document is an attempt to analyze the presidential elections held last year in Belarus, what had happened before and what took place during the days following the elections. Mikolaj Wawrzeniuk, the director, is Belarusian from Podlasie and he contributes with Belsat and TVP Bialystok.

“Reality show: elections”, directed by Mikolaj Wawrzeniuk, produced be TV Belsat, Poland 2010 r.

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