50% of Russians want secret service career for their children

The number of those who had a positive view of the work of special services, has grown by half over the past seven years, a recent survey of the Public Opinion Foundation (FGM) says.

50% of Russians would like their children to work for state security agencies.

According to the survey, in the period of 1998-2011, 35% of population praised the activity of security while 34% did not favour them. But then the image of the security services has significantly improved: now 66% of respondents have a net positive attitude toward. Only 12% are dissatisfied with their work.

A door-to-door poll was held on 27-28 January in 53 Russian regions; 1,500 persons were interviewed.

“The activity of the security services is favourably covered in the country’s state-run media,” FGM leading analyst Grigory Kertman comments on the results of the survey. In addition to the current rehabilitation of Stalinism, which may lead to turning a bling eye to repressions, a ‘halo of heroism’ is emerging around the secret services amid aggravating tensions with the West, he stresses.

On February 1, Alyaksandr Lukashenka stated that other countries ‘envied Belarus’ having the KGB’.

НМ, belsat.eu, following BBC Russian

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