Regime dismissed charges against dissidents

The Belarusian authorities have dismissed charges against Alekh Korban, head of a youth opposition group „Young Democrats“ due to a lack of evidence against him. He was accused of rioting during the December 19th, 2010 demonstration.

„The authorities were forced to do so [dismiss charges] due to the economic crisis. Just recently some of the political prisoners were released. It’s obvious that holding people in prison is not in the regime‘s interest at the moment“ – commented Korban in an interview with Radio Svaboda.

Two more dissidents – a journalist Natalia Radzina and a leader of United Civic Party Anatol Labiedzka, have received letters with charges dismissal – both accused of rioting on December 19th.

Anatol Labiedzka said in Radio Svaboda that he had not expected such an end to his case, but he would take it as a good sign and expect more pardons and more letters with charges‘ dismissal.

Natalia Radzina was more skeptical about the regime‘s true intentions. The journalist thinks that the regime is attempting to pretend that the situation was improving, just to get financial aid from the West. „Lukashenka’s regime is starving without money and they are ready to play with our [dissidents] lives just to get money from the West“ – said Radzina.


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