Polish court gave informations on Belarusian dissident to regime in Minsk?

Polish Minister of Justice Krzysztof Kwiatkowski denied that Polish courts handed over any information on Belarusian dissidents to the regime in Minsk, and the only case of providing data on the opposition to Belarusian authorities was when Bialatski’s bank account details were supplied by the Polish Prosecutor General office. Kwiatkowski talked about it during a meeting with Natalia Bielatska – wife of Ales Bialatski, a dissident arrested on charges of big-scale tax evasion.

But Andrei Zukaviets, a Belarussian dissisdent who received in Poland a refugee status, disagrees with Kwiatkowski, claiming that his personal data, including home address, were handed over to the Belarusian authorities by a Polish court in Bialystok in 2010.

Belarusian authorities have issued an arrest warrant on Zukaviets, accusing him of defrauding 700 million dollars. Zukaviets rejects the accusations, calling them a revange for supporting opposition groups. – Young Front and Christian Demorcratic Party – the two groups I’ve worked with, have petitioned Minster Kwiatkowski a few times already, asking to take personal interest into an investigation into my case, but they have not received any response so far. – Zukaviets told Belsat.

Zukaviets also informed that a judge from Bialystok court is supposed to travel to Belarus in the near future in order to interrogate witnesses on Zukaviets‘ case. – I suspect that witnesses who stay in Belarus might testify in accordance with what is expected by the Belarusian authorities – he added.

If Bialystok court finds Zukaviets guilty, it might become a basis of handing him over to Belarusian authorities.



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