Belarusian propaganda movie attacks Poland

Belarusian public TV screened a propaganda movie “Shadows of the society” on Tuesday, presenting opposition members as thieves, alcoholics and drug addicts.

The documentary attacks Poland, the EU and the USA for imposing unjustified sanctions against Belarus, causing economic problems. The narrator also accuses Poland of failing to deliver promised help: “Sikorski pledged millions for Belarus. Instead he gave those millions not to Belarus, but to the rioters from December 19th. [there was a democratic massive demonstration against election fraud held by the opposition on December 19th, 2010].

Criticism was directed mainly against Belarusian opposition. Organizers and participants of the “Revolution through Social Networks” were described as spoiled teenagers, liars, who only want to party. Viachyslav Dziyaniav, one of the coordinators of the action, was presented as an immoral person, hiding in Poland to avoid his military service. “Dziyaniav lies when he talks about repressions in Belarus. No one is persecuting him. He is only trying to avoid military service. This is why he decided to move to Poland, where he is receiving a scholarship and lives in prosperity – informed the speaker.

The movie also addressed the recent issue of handing over by Poland and Lithuania to the regime in Minsk the documents on Belarusian dissidents bank accounts. One of the persons affected by this information exchange was Ales Bialatski – head of the human rights center Viasna. “In the West, they finally understood that Belarusian opposition and thieves and liars. They steal not only from Belarus, but also from their own sponsors.” One of such frauds is – according to the documentary – Ales Bialatski.

The propaganda movie is supposed to remind Belarusian society, that even during the time of crisis, Belarus can still offer them stability, which currently is under attack from the West and the Belarusian opposition, who is causing disorder and protests. The only guarantor of the peace and security is Aleksander Lukashenka, whose only objective is to ensure best possible life for his people.

Authors of the documentary accused the West of trying to create North African revolutionary scenario in Belarus. In their opinion, the recent Arab revolts were incited and sponsored by the West and overthrowing the dictators caused only death and destruction.


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