Ales Bialatski’s son sentenced for causing minor disorder

Adam Bialatski, son of Ales Bialatski – head of Viasna human rights center, was detained during yesterday’s protest “Stop Benzin”, an action against gas price increase. He was sentenced today to a 350 thousand ruble fine (around 70 USD) for causing minor disorder. According to the police, Adam cursed in public and refused to obey police orders, reported Radio Svaboda.

Adam Bialatski together with dozens of other car drivers took part in a protest against 6th gasoline price increase this year. The drivers blocked main streets in Minsk in an act of civil disobedience. Adam stopped his car at one of the crossroads and turned on emergency flashers. The police showed up immediately. His hands were handcuffed and he was taken to a police van and drove to a police station. His car was towed.

Adam Bialatski is a son of Ales Bialatski – deputy chairman of the International Federation of Human Rights and head of the human rights center Viasna. Ales Bialatski was arrested on August 4th on charges of big-scale tax evasion. Belarusian authorities based the accusations on documents handed over by the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice and Polish Prosecutor General. According to Tatiana Ravyak from Vyasna, Bialtski is facing up to seven years in prison and property loss.


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