Padalik: Lukashenka’s trip to Qatar had one goal – to make him feel better

Mikhal Padalik, Ukrainian journalist and political analysist, comments for Belsat recent visit of the president Lukashenka to Qatar.

– Lukashenka’s actions are not interesting to anyone, he is not a significant actor in the international market. All his projects and initiatives have no influence over foreign markets. – said Padalik.

Such visits have only propaganda aims, and in reality they don’t affect economic situation of Belarus, thinks Padalik.

„The only goal of visit to Qatar was to improve Lukashenka’s mood. He went there, made an impression of negotiating with serious people about serioso projects. Lukashenka wants to show that he is an important actor on the international arena, but it’s rather funny.” – said Padalik.

„For Qatar, stable contacts with Russian are crucial, not with Belarus. In case Russia would disaprove of contacts between Belarus and Qatar, the latter country will immediately cut all ties to Belarus. It is important to understand one thing: Lukashenka always bluffs, he is not a player that could afford to offer or buy somethins” – Padalik commented.

The Ukrainian journalist does not see any possibility to diversify hydrocarbons imports. „Belarus is unfortunately strongly tied to Russian energy industry. And this dependancy can increase” – Padalik concluded.


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