New information on Minsk metro bomb explosion

An indictment against Zmitser Konoval and Uladzimir Kavaliov, accused of organizing Minsk metro bombing on April 11th, have been submitted to a court, reported website. A copy of the indictment was also posted on-line.

The document, signed by the deputy prosecutor general Andrei Shved, reveals some details on the April attack and on previous explosions organized by the two accused men.

According to the document, Konoval and Kavaliov executed their first explosion when they were just 15-year-old, in December 2000. The prosecution is accusing Konoval of conducting 11 explosions in Vitebsk and surrounding areas. According to the document, Kavaliov took part in the attacks since 2000 until 2002. After that time period, he only supported Konoval’s projects, for example by purchasing explosive materials for him. He is also accused of active participation in attack on Minsk metro, which left 15 people dead and 387 injured.

Konoval and Kavaliov are accused of terrorism, property destruction, assault, illegal production, purchasing and possessing explosive materials, and hiding evidence. If found guilty, they can be facing capital punishment.


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