Czech government did not provide data on Bialacki’s account

Czech state institutions have not supplied Belarusian regime with any documents on Belarusian dissidents bank accounts. Vit Kolar, spokesperson for Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied what have been suggested by some journalists, calling the information “false suspicions”.

The rumor was also denied by Jaroslav Kurfirst, head of the European Department in Czech MFA. – Of course, we have heard of such information, and we verified it immediately. In the process of contacting all possible institutions, such as Ministry of Justice, we have not found any proof of Czech Republic handing over to Belarusian regime data on Belarusian dissidents bank accounts – he said in “Český rozhlas” radio.

According to Kurfirst, Belarusian authorities have violated international agreements by requesting the information on bank accounts. Rules of data exchange and legal cooperation between countries contained in those treaties, were intended for entirely different circumstances.

On August 12th, Baltic News Service (BNS), informed that Czech Republic, just like Poland and Lithuania, handed over to regime in Minsk data on bank account of Belarusian human rights Ales Bialacki. “Representatives of two Lithuanian institutions informed that according to their information, Czech Republic also sent to Belarus data on Bialacki’s bank account”, reported the news agency.

Ales Bialacki, head of Vyasna human rights center, was arrested August 4th on charges of big scale tax evasion. Belarusian authorities based the accusations on documents handed over by the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice and Polish Prosecutor General. According to Tatiana Ravyak from Vyasna, Bialcki is facing up to seven years in prison and property loss.


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