Indictment against Ales Bialacki is ready

Bialacki, a human rights defender, is accused of „big scale tax evading“, based on article 243 point 2 of Belarusian Criminal Code, which is punishable with three to seven years in prison. Uladzimir Labkovich, a coworker of Bialacki and activist of Vyasna human rights center, informed about the indictment.

The court has not decided yet about releasing Bialackin from temporary detention. There is still a chance that after 10 days of arrest, Bialacki will be released if he signs a pledge not to leave the country, according to Labkovich.

Ales Bialacki, head of Vyasna human rights center, was arrested August 4th on charges of big scale tax evasion. Belarusian authorities based the accusations on documents handed over by the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice and Polish Prosecutor General.


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