Names of dissidents pardoned by Lukashenka published

Names of dissidents pardoned yesterday by Lukashenka are now public. Human rights center Vyasna published a partial list of people convicted of participating in December 19th demonstration and granted clemency by the Belarusian president.

All of them were serving time in Bobruysk prison camp. Vyasna informed that Zmitser Drozd, an activist in Sannikov’s presidential campaign; Andrey Pratasenya, a volunteer in Jaroslav Romanczuk campaign, Siarkhey Kazakov, an activist of European Belarus movement, were among those pardoned. Aleksander Klaskousky, a former policeman who tried to defend demonstrators from the KGB attack and Uladzimir Loban were also probably granted clemency.

Zmitser Drozd, who is held in the same prison camp, was pressured to sign a letter with a plea for a pardon, informed Euroradio.

“The decision on clemency was taken following the requests from these persons, taking into account the fact that they recognized the illegality of their actions, pleaded guilty and repented sincerely.“ – informed presidential press services.


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