Policeman uncovers recruitment channel to ‘Donetsk republic’. Gets arrested

Hrodna police lieutenant was put under arrest after he uncovered the likely supply chain of Belarusian soldiers in the “People’s Republic of Donetsk”.

Lieutenant Mikhail Kutsko has been arrested under the article “bribe” (article 430 of the Criminal Code), he is now under arrest in Hrodna prison number 1 on Kirau Street. Back in September, sensing danger, the officer recorded a video, where he told his story.

Lieutenant Kutsko became a policeman, because he believed in what he did, he served in the anti-drugs and human trafficking police department of the criminal police in Hrodna. He received numerous certificates and awards for solving crimes related to the spread of pornography, pedophilia and human trafficking.

“I received information from my sources that an officer of the Border Committee from military unit 2141 has access to the illegal military formations of self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Donetsk,” Mikhail Kutsko said in the video. – According to my informant, the officer S. can put people in contact with the appropriate people for recruitment into military units of the PRD. I will immediately report that information to my leadership… I do not know on what position the officer works. He can be a head of the border patrol unit preparing guys to go to war, and if he is a political officer or security officer, then in general he can be recruiting soldiers based on compromising material and send them to fight for PRD. The KGB had to at least check it”.

According to Mikhail, the material on the case was documented in a single report book of the police department of Leninski district in Hrodna. Mikhail was preparing documents to transfer them to the KGB in accordance with the official instructions. A few hours later the head of the criminal police called using the phone of the Acting Head of Drug Control Department and gave an order to forget about the case, saying that “all was agreed there”. However, Mikhail still decided to convey information to the State Security Committee, to which his direct leadership threatened him with dismissal.

Trap for policeman

A few days later, Mikhail was questioning a suspect in the case of the spread of pornography on the Internet. It was a police worker from Shchuchin police department Alena B. She offered Mikhail Kutsko a bribe.

“Office of Internal Security conducted an experiment against me, when Alena B was to give me money, and I had to take it. She was to go to Gaya, 4 (building of the police department in Hrodna) which is under CCTV monitoring, quietly shove me money in my pocket, and I was to be detained, said Mikhail. – Even a patrol policeman would not think of taking a bribe under the CCTV. The plan was that I was put money in the pocket, I would not understand what it was and throw it out of the pocket. Money was marked with a solution that can be seen under ultraviolet light. The police would write a report that I got rid of the money, when I saw them (the internal security unit personnel). They got a warrant to conduct operational activities, this experiment can be accomplished only within investigation activities only. This was to result in either detention or dismissal. They were not able to detain me. They had to fire me”.

After the pressure from superiors, Mikhail Kutsko filed for dismissal “by agreement of the parties”. The next day, the Deputy Head of the police department filed a report for the absence of Mikhail Kutsko at work for more than 3 hours, so that the dismissal was for truancy.

According to Mikhail, the police authorities were adamant to fire people for truancy, on compromising grounds, or if their contract ended. There was a huge shortage in the police staff.

Mikhail Kutsko wrote a complaint to the Minister of the Interior, describing all the details of the case, however, according to him, the checks was not conducted.

The situation with the bribe experiment took place in September. Mikhail was not detained then, he was not prosecuted either. On Friday, January 20, he was asked to come to the police department, on a completely different matter, for consultation, where he was detained, and on January 23 he was transferred to prison.

We are not publishing the names of the people involved in criminal cases to not harm Mikhail Kutsko. Our channel will follow the case.




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