Belsat adds in the border area

Belsat began a billboard campaign addressed to Belarusians who cross the border with Poland. Billboards along the Polish roads to border crossings in Kuznica Bialostocka, Bobrowniki and Terespol encourage Belarusians to switch from watching state television to indpendent uncensored news offered by Belsat. The slogan of the campaign is „It’s high time you switched the channel“. The frontlights promote also Belsat news website

Thanks to the optimal location of the billboards, they are visible both for those who travel to and from Belarus. The three border crossings were used by 5 million foreigners in 2010, majority of them Belarusians, according to Border Security data.

Any promotional activities of Belsat in Belarus are systematically hampered or even made impossible by the authorities. An outdoor addvertisement of Belsat is beyond consideration. This is why those billboards are so important for us. Everyday untill end of the year, thousand of Belarusians will see them. – stressed Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, the station director.

Mateusz Adamski with Belsat promotion team are responsible for the coordination of the addvertisement campaign. The graphic project was prepared by Pawel Pogoda. The campaign production was commission by the Marketing Bureau TVP S.A to Maxus-Warsaw media house.


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