Prison for a post on social network profile

A man from Homel was sentenced to three days in prison for posting on a popular social network Dzmitryi Shauchenka posted on his profile an information about upcoming silent protest coordinated by the „Revolution through social networks“.

In a police protocle, it was stated that on August 2nd Shauchenkau „through a provider of the website informed about an illegal assembly in order to express opinion on the current government“.

During Shauchenkau‘s court hearing, a judge read out laud other posts from the website, where the suspect was allegdly writing under a nickname. However, in the quoted posts, there was no information about the upcoming demonstration.

– What the judge read, has nothing to do with the accusations. There is no proofs, but the man is in jail – said sister of the convict Alena Shauchenkau, quoted by Bielpan news agency. She added that the trial violated Belarusian constitution.

Shauchenka was arrested at his dacha on Friday, August 6th and spent the weekend in jail.

This was not the first trial in Homel district against the internet users charged with posting information about illagel actions at social networks pages. In a similar case, Andrei Tsianiuta was sentenced to 5 days of prison.


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