Sikorski in FT: Lukashenka should take example from Jaruzelski

Radoslaw Sikorski called on Belarusian President Aleksander Lukashenka to enter the process of peaceful transition of power, taking example from general Jaruzelski, who made an agreement with the Polish opposition to conduct democratic elections.

„It would have been better, if Lukashenka did not take example from Mubarak (former president of Egypt) or Kaddafi (head of Libya), but from Wojciech Jaruzelski instead“ – said head of Polish MFA in an interview for the Financial Times.

Sikorski thinks it was a right choice by the EU not to exclude Belarus from the Eastern Partnership program, despite the repressions against opposition after the December presidential elections. As the minister stressed, the EU is convinced that Belarusian people themselves will benefit from the Eastern Partnership.

Head of th MFA also added that Poland wants to use her presidency in the European Council to strengthen the relations with the eastern neighbers and reivive the process of enlarging the Union.

„Poland hopes that the EU will begin negotiations on the association agreement and free trade with former soviet republics – Georgia and Moldova – during the September summit of the Eastern Parternship in Warsaw, which is the biggest event of Polish presidency“ – wrote the British newspaper.

Source: PAP (Polish Press Agency)

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