Niaklayev: Protests to return in autumn

Uladzimir Niaklayev, a former opposition candidate for president, hopes that spirit of resistance in Belarusian society will survive the summer and return stronger in autumn, when the opposition is planning to organize many demonstrations.

The last silent protest “Revolution through social networks” was held on July 27th, but few people showed up. The low turnout is blamed on brutal treatment of the protesters by the uniformed and undercover police.

According to Niaklayev, starting a new project is much easier than continuing the old one. The former presidential candidate thinks that the silent protests are a good one – “What is most important now, is to maintain them [the protest]. The economic crisis affected people in a significant way and it should be connected to the actions. A protest is an ideal form of demonstrating one’s dissatisfaction. – said Niaklayev.

He also stressed he had no interest in assuming any leadership positions. – What is most precious in those protests, is that there are no bosses or leaders.” – added Niaklayev.


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