14 people to face trial for Dashkievich’ support rally

14 people, arrested yesterday during a support rally for political prisoner Zmitser Dashkievich, are going to be tried behind the closed doors for participation in an illegal demonstration and disobeying police orders, informed press office of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party.

The trials will be closed even for the human rights defenders and journalists, due to coinciding Lukashenka’s visit in the same area. Also, additional security measures were introduced. A police member informed that the protesters will be probably only fined, but their families cannot await them in front of the court.

Yesterday, around 40 people demonstrated in solidarity with Dashkievich in front of the prison camp where he is currently held. Opposition activists of the Young Front, Belarusian Christian Democratic Party and his friends came to demand he is allowed to see a lawyer. But the support rally was brutally dispersed by the police. Among those arrested was independent journalist Tatiana Shaputska and deputy leaders of the Young Front: Mikola Dzemidzenka and Nasta Palazanka (in private, Ms Palazanka is Dashkievich’s life partner).



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