Banknotes with political slogans for grinding

Employees of the Belarusian National Bank were ordered to destroy all the banknotes that had political slogans written on them.

– The management issued an order: all the banknotes with political writing have to be treated as if were old, and hence destroyed. Even if they are brand new. – an employee of one of the bank branches informed Belsat. She added that recently many banknotes had a call written on them to participate in Wednesday silent protests organized by the “Revolution through social networks”. Informing about the action on the banknotes is the easiest way to reach older generation, not familiar with the Internet.

„The authorities are so afraid of the growing popularity of the peaceful protests, that they started to act in a ridiculous way. The ruling regime does not understand that their tactics of closing metro stations entrances or blocking city centers each Wednesday, only make the action more visible and provokes more people to participate.” – said Ludmila Graznova, a human rights defender, in a an interview with Belsat.

Since few weeks, streets of major Belarusian cities have been crowded on Wednesday evenings with silent protesters, who just by their sheer presence defy Lukashenka’s regime. Protesters walk in silence, clapping in front of the police who blocks their way, in order to avoid giving any reasons for arrests. Action is organized through facebook and it’s Russian counterpart


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