250 people arrested during another day of “Revolution through social networks”

On Wednesday evening, a protest of the “Revolution through social networks” was held for the fourth time. Participants organized the initiative through the Internet and, just like last week – gathered at the main squares in major Belorussian cities to show their dissatisfaction with the Lukashenka’s regime.

Demonstrators did not bring flags or any other symbols forbidden in Belarus. They do not chant either, not to give an excuse for the police to arrest them. Instead they clap and thump. Despite all the measures, just as during previous demonstrations, police intervened. 250 people were arrested in the entire country, 160 of them in Minsk.

In order to disrupt demonstrations, in different cities various “security measures” were implemented or alternative events were held in the city’s square. In Pinsk, Lenin’s square was surrounded by the police and people were banned from crossing through it. Persons who debated with the police, were immediately arrested. In Bobruysk, a city celebration was held, and supporters of Alexander Lukashenka gathered.

In Minsk, an event for the youth supporters of Lukashenka was held at the main square. Groups of demonstrators gathered around, but they were immediately dispersed by the police. – Majority of the arrested people will be accused of minor disruptions of public order and face court trial. – commented Valtsin Stefanovich, a human rights defender. Same scenario happened on June 22nd, when 460 people were arrested. Majority of them was released without signing any documents, the remaining minority was fined.



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