Stand in a line to a police van, clap and laugh!

A call for a new form of protest appeared on Belorussian social networks. People who participate in Wednesday silent protests are encouraged to form a line in front of a police van, clap their hands and laugh.

Today, on June 29th, a third silent protest organized by “Revolution through social networks” will be held. Dissatisfied Belorussians take to main squares of their cities, with no banners or flags, just clapping or thumping, protest the ruling regime.

Despite peaceful character of the action, many participants have been detained by the police. The protesters came up with an idea of how to avoid the violence accompanying brutal arrests. They plan to simply form a line in front of the police vans. The initiative was born on facebook and is meant to break the fear, which is a main method employed by Lukashenka’s regime against any dissent.

Belorussian youth activist Franak Viachorka, believes that the action needs to be changed, enhaced so that it keeps progressing. – The authoriteis have been detaining participants. They would sourraund us and transfer. So the line to a police van is a good idea. Of course not everyone would like to go there. But even a photo of such a line is enough to make people laugh. In Poland, Orange Alternative fought with the authorities by making fun of it – said Viachorka.


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