Only 30% of Belarusians trusts Lukashenka

A recent public opinion poll shows that support for Aleksander Lukashenka has significantly decreased. The poll was conducted after the Belarusian authorities implemented 50% ruble devaluation.

NISEPID, an independent institute for social, economic and political reseach, publish the results of survey showing that for the first time in many years, percentage of people who distrust current president (53.8%) is much higher than of those who still trust him (35.7%). According to the poll, less than 30% of Belarusians would have voted for Lukashenka in presidential elections. Valery Kalbarevich, a political scientist, is not surprised with such results – “There is an economic crisis, salaries are ridiculously small, and there is no hope of enhancing living standard. The society does not trust the authorities. People do not have any prospects for development and better life.”

A number of people who feel “wronged by the authorities” increased by 4% witihin last six months, and now amounts to 33.7%. The percentage of people who fear abuse of power by the government, police, administration and courts increased by 8%, coming up to 57%.

More than a half of respondents thinks that Lukashenka’s authority is based solely on the military, police and KGB. Also, majority of people claims that Lukashenka did not manage to enhace living standard and nearly half answered that he failed fighting corruption. From 27% to 73% increased a number of people who believe their living standard worsened within last three months.


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