Beaten by the police for speaking Belorussian

During yesterday’s police intervention against participants of the “Revolution through social networks” in Lida, a former Belsat contributor Siarhey Karpienka sustained a head injury.

At the main square of Lida, a celebration of the Great Patriotic War was held. Next to it, despite police objections, supporters of the “Revolution through social networks” gathered. According to Karpienka, between 100 and 150 people took part in the protest.

“My wife and me, we were sitting [on a bench] and just observed what was happening. Finally, we decided to have a walk, during which I met a friend. We started to talk in Belorussian. And that’s when a police officer approached us. I wanted to give to my wife a case of with house keys and car keys, but the policeman demanded I show him the content of it. They probably were searching for hidden filming equipment. When I refused, they handcuffed me and took me to the police car. The other detainees were taken to a bus” – said Karpienka.

Karpienka was beaten by two policeman before he was shoved into police car. – They punch my kidneys, injured my head – I started to bleed. Than they took me to the police station and only than they called an ambulance. – recounted Karpienka. Nothing suspicious was found in Karpienka’s case, he was not forced to sign any documents either. Doctors from the ambulance decided he needs stitches and sent him to the nearest hospital.

Yesterday, another serious of protests was held as a part of the “Revolution through social networks” campaign. People in more than 50 cities took to the streets to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the regime. Police arrested more than 450 people in the entire country, 15 of them will face trial, accused of minor disorder.


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