Police advises on Twitter how to demonstrate

Belorussian police posted on its Twitter account 11 suggestions for the participants of “Revolution through social networks”. The police explained that this is “a practical guide” prepared by their press secretary, and not an official stance of the police.

According to the police, silent protest are transforming from “childish games” into “violating Belarusian law”. “The organizers are calling on taking part in an action that can constitute a potential threat of breaking laws. They encourage silence or humming, or thumping and clapping, but for the law enforcement agencies the sole act of organizing such events is import. – it was posted on Twitter.

That’s why the police decided to send through Twitter “advices for those “who yielded to persuasions and are going to take part in illegal actions”. Police advises: “you have to inform your families about were are you going, so that they know where to look for you if you are detained. Take with you your documents”.

„If you come drunk, it will be used against you, that’s why you shouldn’t drink before coming to the square” – Interfax quoted a post from Twitter. Police also counseled not to bring “unregistered” symbols, sharp items and big backpacks.

„You are not allowed to question police or bother them – there are severe punishments for interrupting their work” – stress police. They also warned against filming the events by a cell phone.

Despite all the advises, the police claims that the best solution is to stay home and “not yielding to the provocation”. “You are only “cannon fodder” for the organizers, they will encourage you to break law. In Europe such actions are dispersed with the use of water cannons, bullets and gas. In Minsk, demonstrators will be only pushed away. Don’t force us to use the European methods against you” – stressed the police.

The addressed everyone who is planning to be present during the action at the main square in Minsk: “By coming to the square, you are breaking the law and you have to accept all the consequences. Be ready for detention and fines.”

According to a human rights defender, Aleh Volchak – the Twitter posts are authorities provocation, an attempt to convince people they break the law by meeting in the public places. “Especially funny is the allegedly humanitarian manner of dispersing demonstrations in Belarus in comparison with brutal law enforcement agencies in Europe.’ – he added.

On Wednesday, at 6 pm another action of “Revolution through social networks” is scheduled to be held. The organizers call through social networks to gather at main squares in major Belarusian cities. In order to avoid arrests, they ask participants not to bring banners and to chant, so that the authorities cannot claim action is an illegal protest.



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