Belarusian Popular Front evicted from its headquarters

Vice-chairman of the BPF Ryhor Kostusiou announced that the party will not leave their office voluntarily. – If the authorities decided to evict us, they will have to use force to do it – he said. The Economic Court in Minsk dismissed the appeal of the eviction order.

Leadership of the BPF is not willing to give up their office located in the heart of Minsk, and they want to the Supereme Court to consider their case. Kostusiou stressed that the probable use of force by the regime will cause “Belarusian society and the international community to realize what kind of means Belarusian authorities are willing to employ to make it impossible for a legal political party to fucntion”. According to Belarusian law, lack of address and an office might be a basis of de-registration of a political party.

On May 10th 2011, a court in Minsk follwing the city authorities’ decision, ordered that BNF moves out of its headquarters. The party has been occupining its office in the Minsk’s center since 1992. Minsk’s authorities do not want to extend the lease, because allegdly they need that space for their own purposes.


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