Zmitser Bandarenka taken to a prison hospital

Bandarenka’s medical condition has deteriorated. He is a Belarusian dissident, sent to two years in a prison camp.

“The last letter I received from Zmitser was written on June 19th. My husband wrote that he is suffering from strong back and legs pain. Also, ulcers got worse. I had a feeling it might be going in a wrong direction, so I asked his lawyer to visit Zmitser in prison” – Volga Bandarenka, dissident’s wife told Belsat.

Based on the information collected by the lawyer, it seems that Bandarenka’s condition was serious enough for him to be placed in an prison hospital. As his wife stressed, he has hard time getting up from bed.

Volga Bandarenka has been demanding for last few months that her husband is hospitalized, but her demand has been repetitively rejected. Prison administration would not agree, because of lack of his medical documentation. Also, in order to rid themselves of the problem of a sick prisoner, the prison’s officers tried to convince Bandarenka to go straight to the prison camp, instead of staying in arrest pending appellate trial. “Finally, they tested Zmitser’s blood and made a resonance. I am not sure if it was tests results or a letter of support from the European MP Marek Migalski that influenced them, but at least they dealt with my husband’s health condition.” – said Volga Bandarenka. The lawyer also gave her a list of medications necessary for her husband’s further treatment.

Zmitser Bandarenka, as a close coworker of the opposition candidate for president – Andrei Sannikov, was sentenced to two years in a prison camp for participating in the December 19th demonstration.

Marek Migalski, Polish Euro-deputy has been calling on Belarusian authorities numerous times to release the dissident, and in letters addressed to the prison’s director he demanded that Bandarenka is given proper medical attention.


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