Andrei Suzdaltsev: Russia and Europe conduct secrete talks on Belarus?

A Russian political scientist, Andrei Suzdaltsev thinks that Russia and the EU are conducting secrete talks on the future fate of president Lukashenka, however there is lack of agreement on common policy. – It’s not like [such agreement] is necessary, because everyone knows that the basis of solving all Belorussian problems lies in Moscow – he said.

Russian public opinion’s view on Belarus is shaped by the national television which is rather critical towards the situation in Belarus. – Naturally, Russian TV is trying to mirror interests of the Russian political class. It shows to Russian audience the policy of Russia towards Belarus. – Suzdaltsev told Belsat.

The political scientist stressed that Russians have rather positive attitude towards Belorussians – In a situation of financial crisis in Belarus, Russian public opinion needs to have it explained why to support Belarus with that particular amount of money. Of course, we could help on a bigger scale, but only if Belarus implemented dynamic reforms. – he added.

Suzdaltsev thinks that Moscow is not satisfied with the current regime in Belarus, “which is not changing, and instead – becomes even more conservative”. The expert claims that it “is causing limitation of opportunities for Russian business and some of the political solutions”.

– International Monetary Fund is imposing its conditions too, which are: releasing political prisoners and economic reform. This is where the West and Russia are in agreement. There is no need for some special coordination, because the rules for both are same. So you can’t really say that there is some secrete plotting of Brussels and Moscow – stressed Suzdaltsev in an interview with Belsat TV.


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