Barack Obama to extend sanctions against Belarus

American president extended sanctions against Belorussian officials for another year. Originally introduced in 2006, sanctions were justified by the White House spokesperson by “exceptional threat to the national security and foreign policy of the U.S”.

Such peril results, in the opinion of the American authorities, from actions of “members of the Belorussian government, who destroy independent democratic processes and institutions and violate human rights”. They also stressed that “political repressions, arrests, people disappearing, corruption, inappropriate management of the state property and power abuse” are part of Belorussian politics.

President Obama drew attention to brutal violence against peaceful demonstrators, who took to the streets to defend their choices. President also reminded about persecutions and detention of the opposition candidates in presidential elections, repressions against independent media and against citizens who were active during electoral campaign in December 2010. – This all proves that Belorussian authorities are taking a step back on their path to democratic form of governance and respecting human rights” – said American president.

In 2006, the U.S. informed about freezing assets of 10 representatives of Belorussian regime: Alexander Lukashenka, Viktar Lukashenka (son of the president and his assistant for national security), Lidia Yamroshyna (chairwoman of the Electoral Tribunal), Viktar Halavanav (Justice Minister), Viktar Sheyman (presidental assistant for special tasks), Stepan Sukharenka (former head of KGB), Dimitri Paulichenka (former head of special police forces), Alexander Zimouskah (former head of Belorussian National Broadcasting Council), Vladimir Naumov (former Minister of the Interior Affairs), Natalia Piatkievich (former deputy chief of presidential staff). American companies are also banned from signing any agreements with the listed people.


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