Igor Bancer sentenced to five days in prison

A court in Hrodna sentenced Igor Bancer to five days of detention for “minor rowdiness” . He is a leading activist of the unrecognized by the authorities Union of Poles in Belarus. His trial was held behind the closed-doors.

Bancer was arrested on June 14th on his way to Andrzej Poczobut’s trial and was arrested on the charge of disrespecting the policeman. His wife, a chairwomen of the UPB – Angelika Orechwo was placed under police’ monitoring.

Yesterday (June 14th), in Hrodna court a trial against Andrzej Poczobut began. The journalist is accused of „offending president“ and „slander of president“, which based on the Belorussian Criminal Code can be punished with two to four years in prison. Vital Latko is the presiding judge. A rally of support for Poczobut was held in front of the court building. The trial was postponed until June 17th.

According to Polish Press Agency (PAP), Bancer after hearing his sentence, announced hunger strike.



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