Another protest at the Belorussian border

On Monday evening, at the Belorussian-Polish border crossing Warszawski Most 50 drivers protested against the new law, which limits duty-free export of fuel and other articles through the borders of Belarus. New regulations allow for a driver to export duty-free one fuel tank only once every five days. For many inhabitants of the Belorussian border area trading gasoline in Poland is an important source of income.

The protesters argued that the provision violates their constitutional right to freedom of movement. Some stressed that they have relatives on the Polish side of the border, whom they need to visit more often than once every five days. There have been rumors that the customs officers expel from the train people that they consider traveling too frequently to Poland.

Representatives of local police and customs officers came out to meet with the protesters. They advised that, in some cases protesters can submit formal complaint to the authorities. The protest was recorded on a camera by the KGB and police. No one was arrested.

The day before, during a drivers protest on the Belorussian-Polish border crossing in Bruzgi, 22 participants were detained and special police unit used tear gas. The detainees were sentenced to high fines.


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